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wiaiwya1001 - Living High On The Dirty Business Of Dreams

wiaiwya070 - Various - Christmastime, Approximately

Just Like Xmas (In Cottonopolis) - The Social Interaction Foundation (AKA Help Stamp Out Loneliness)
I've Got A Great Big Christmas Tree - The Werewandas
Jon’s Christmas Makeup - Betty and the Werewolves
Teenage Christmas - Eux Autres
Every Year - Jeff Mellin
Midnight Mass - The Understudies
Winter - Gregory Webster
There In Bristol After Christmas - Howard Hughes & David Tattersall
Christmas Isthmus - World Of Fox
Spirit of the Season - The Hillfields

Sool Yule Medley - Sool
Hey Santa - The Birthday Girl vs Alexander's Festival Hall
Stay Another Day - The Ei8ht
Vinden Susar i Advent - Action Biker
I Want An Alien For Christmas - Hillary and the Democrats
Jingle Bells - Weisstronauts
2000 Miles (Meek Mix) - DJ Downfall
See That Day - Hexicon
Christmas Island - The Vatican Cellars
Walking in the Air - Hong Kong In The 60s

also available on CD from 13th December 2010

Various Artists - Christmastime, Approximately

Download Various - Christmastime, Approximately

wiaiwya069 - Eux Autres - Go Dancing (session version)

a little late, but well worth the wait, the FREE November download is a session version of the soon-to-be-classic "GO DANCING" by EUX AUTRES

it's a great lo-fi version of the song that seems to be taking the blog world by storm, and is taken from the band's third lp BROKEN BOW, available now for pre order from the releases page... nice

"the stripped-down indie pop with a French twist, those lovable lyrics by Heather and Nicholas Larimer." - Fensepost

"doing what Best Coast are, just with more substance in their songwriting" - We All Want Something To Shout For

“White Stripes for the vintage 60’s French Film sect. It’s a sweet lo-fi, and shimmers with jagged simplicity.” – Three Imaginary Girls

Download Eux Autres - Go Dancing (session version)

wiaiwya068 - Jeff Mellin -Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Papercut

oh, yes... it's the first of the month, and we ALL know that (as well as pinching and punching) that means a NEW free wiaiwya single release...

Jeff's Mellin's SMILE LIKE A LEMON PEEL, KISS LIKE A PAPERCUT has the best record title of the year, bar none FULL STOP... PERIOD...

if that wasn't enough, it's a classic US feisty Powerpop bounce-along... when Jeff gets to headline Madison Square Gardens THIS will be the tune the 19,522 punters scream for throughout the set... THIS will be the tune WINONA RYDER, PHOEBE CATES and MOLLY RINGWALD ressurect JOHN HUGHES for to retrospectively make the best US college flick EVER, solely to have it played over the closing credits... oh, and also features DOUG YULE and Helen and Steph from SHRAG, and as such is the past, the present and the future handily compressed into 2 minutes 56 seconds of MAXIMUM POP JOY... GRIN, SPIN, WIN... oh yes..

backed with BRILLIANT DISGUISE lifted from last year's SPRINGSTEEN covers album, you know, because it's nearly hallowe'en, and it's ACE

and there's a video, in both 2 and 3D... thoroughly MODERN

all free for you NOW...

Download Jeff Mellin -Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Papercut

wiaiwya067 - the Vatican Cellars - Bitter Plans & Runnin' With The Devil

for September you lucky lucky people can download the first single from the VATICAN CELLARS' debut album - THE SAME CROOKED WORM (out in November on wiaiwya)

BITTER PLANS will appeal to fans of TIM HARDIN, the LILAC TIME and NICK DRAKE; a georgeous lament to loss and its accompanying guilt. It's an English gent's soul music, an angry acoustic guitar politely strummed, and a cello part to break you heart... Utterly Beautiful...

it's coupled with a cover of VAN HALEN's RUNNIN' WITH THE DEVIL... it's cockrockchamberpop... oh, yes...

advance copies of the album are available for £11 (including UK postage), just send it to the paypal address (

Download the Vatican Cellars - Bitter Plans & Runnin' With The Devil

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