wiaiwya-7777777 2016

Throughout 2016 indie record label wiaiwya released seven debut singles, by seven diverse and exciting new acts.
These seven records are now available together, as a snapshot of the indie music scene in London in 2016.

“there’s this sadness when you can’t find it on vinyl, because it’s like it’s not proper” - Pete Paphides

Each of the 7” singles in this hugely collectable set is wrapped in a handmade sleeve, adorned with postage stamps from around the world and hand stamped with a special record postmark.

“The 45rpm single, the hard, black centrepiece of the teenage revolution” – Bob Stanley

Inside each numbered sleeve is an exclusive poster and, of course, a download code for you to listen on your modern mobile box of tricks.

“It was a piece of science as much as it was art and beauty and sex and glamour” – Paul Morley

Oh, and each set of singles fits very snugly into a very special mini red tote bag.
So, sit back and enjoy:

Friends by Freschard

uh-huh... a new Freschard video:

Sunday Night by Freschard is coming out on (pink) vinyl

oh, yes it is - get your copy here

Faithful by Woodpigeon

thrilled to be releasing more new material from Woodpigeon - here is the first single from the new album T R O U B L E (out 1st April):

50,000,000 Elves Fans Cant Be Wrong

Tilting by The Leaf Library

Rings of Saturn by The Leaf Library

Monsters by Freschard

Tweet Tweet by Freschard

Freschard - Tweet Tweet from David Lankester on Vimeo.

Shh... by Freschard is coming out on (yellow) vinyl


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