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wialp055 - Freschard - Moonstone

2017 - wiaiwya-7777777 (all seven 7" singles)

wialp054 - the Great Electric - the Great Electric

wialp053 - Mammoth Penguins and Friends - John Doe

wialp044 - Deerful - Peach

wialp045 - Bill Botting and the Two Drink Minimums

2016 - wiaiwya-7777777 (all seven 7" singles)

wiacd043 - The Leaf Library - Versions

wia016006 - Whoa Melodic - Hey Hey My Reflection / Goodbye Good Luck And See You

wia016008 - Deerful - Home

wia016005 - Milk Skin - Syrupy / Space Race

wialp042 - Freschard - Sunday Night

wia016004 - Nancy Sin - Room For Rent / Again and Again

wia016003 - Citizen Helene - How Can You Find Someone To Love / Bridges

wia016002 - Hate Week - Nights By The Lake / Blunt Claws / Amplified Heart

wialp041 - The Leaf Library - Nightlight Versions

wia016001 - Deerful - Moon Maps / Hush Me

wialp040 - Woodpigeon - T R O U B L E

wialp040dl01 - Woodpigeon - Faithful

wiacd006 - 50,000,000 Elves Fans Cant Be Wrong

wia015007 - the Friday Swaps - Hot Dog Race

wia015006 - Bill and Hannah Botting - Flags and Windchimes

wialp038 - The Leaf Library - Daylight Versions

wia015005 - FeverDream with Laura K - the Squall / Ghost

wia007 - Various Artists - A Girl And A Gun

wialp039 - Knife Pleats - Hat Bark Beach

wia15004 - Woodpigeon & Norman Blake - Brutish Birds / Tokyo Hotel Room

wialp037 - Freschard - Shh​.​.​.

wia015003 - Bel Étage - Quiet Town / Lonesome Heartache Constellation

wia015002 - World of Fox with Amelia Fletcher - Be Kind to My Love / Oh My Love

wia015001 - the Fairlight Myth - Alpha November / Love Repeats

wialp035 - Emma Kupa - Home Cinema

wialp035 - Darren Hayman - Chants for Socialists

wia014007 - eagleowl - Clean the Night

wia014006 - the Human Hearts (with Franklin Bruno and Jenny Toomey) - Loyal Opposition

2014 - wiaiwya-7777777 (all seven 7" singles)

wia014005 - My Favorite - Second Empire

wialp033 - Stanley Brinks & Freschard - Pizza Espresso

wia014004 - the School - When I Fall In Love

wia014003 - the Leaf Library - the Greater Good

wia014002 - Trick Mammoth - Doll

wia014001 - Freschard (with the Wave Pictures) - Monsters

wialp031 - Freschard - Boom Biddy Boom

2013 - wiaiwya-7777777 (all seven 7" singles)

wia013007 - the Middle Ones - McBee

wia013006 - Comet Gain - Avenue Girls

wia013005 - PUPS - Month Long Sleep

VJ002 - Victoria and Jacob - Victoria and Jacob

VJ003R - Victoria and Jacob - Cry Baby remixes

wia130004 - Sourpatch - You Knew

VJ001 - Victoria and Jacob - Festival

VJ001R - Victoria and Jacob - Festival remixes

wia13003 - Darren Hayman and the Long Parliament - Old Man

wia13002 - Hong Kong In The 60s - Patricia

wia013001 - Jeff Mellin - Smile Like A Lemon Peel, Kiss Like A Paper Cut

FPOP141 - Shrag - On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals

VPVL002 - Victoria and Jacob - With No Certainty/ Theres A War

Shrag - Canines, Life! Death! Prizes! and Shrag

wialp030 - David Tattersall - Little Martha

wialp029 - Darren Hayman - Lido

wiaiwya041 - the Wave Pictures - In Her Kitchen

wialp027 - Howard Hughes and David Tattersall - the Lobster Boat

HSOL001 - Help Stamp Out Loneliness

wiacd025 - World Of Fox - Respect

wiaiwya070 - Various Artists - Christmastime Approximately

wiacd024 - Eux Autres - Broken Bow

wiacd023 - the Vatican Cellars - the Same Crooked Worm

wiacd022 - SHRAG - Life! Death! Prizes!

available now on both CD and 12" vinyl

wialp019 - David Tattersall - Happy For A While

available now on 12" vinyl (with free download)

wiaiwya038 - the Middle Ones - Things Grow There

wiaiwya040 - SHRAG - Rabbit Kids/ Erratic Fictions

Shrag release their 6th single for WIAIWYA on December 14th. Mixed by Woodie Taylor (Comet Gain/Love Is All), Rabbit Kids is the first offering from their upcoming album.

The new single has already been previewed in Pitchfork (28/10/2009):

Brighton, UK-based quintet Shrag, like many of their 1970s indie-punk forebears, are one of those bands whose tunes and natural charisma could easily endear them to a wider audience, but whom the vagaries of record release dates, hype cycles, and airline prices have so far conspired to keep a well-loved secret...(Rabbit Kids) is bright, scrappy, and exuberantly melodic enough to rank alongside tracks by Love is All, the Long Blondes, or early Los Campesinos!. A few more like this, and Shrag might break through yet

Shrag have played shows with Love Is all, Art Brut, Comet Gain, The Television personalities, The Thermals, Adam Green, and The 1990s amongst others. In 2009 Shrag were invited by The Pains of Being Pure At Heart to support them on their UK tour, and played at this years Offset festival. In October they joined The Cribs for a second UK tour, having supported them on two previous tours in 2007.

The band have recently finished recording their second album, LIFE! DEATH! PRIZES! which will be released in early 2010

7" incl postage and packing

wiaiwya039 - Gregory Webster - Promised Land

wiacd021 - Rose Melberg - Homemade Ship

wiaiwya037 - Eux Autres - Strangled Days

EUX AUTRES, the pronounciationally challenging, Omaha born, New York and San Francisco based three piece release their UK debut "STRANGLED DAYS" on the magnificent WHERE IT'S AT IS WHERE YOU ARE label.

EUX AUTRES (pronounced errs-or-tra) means "those others", and have already released two albums and a number of singles of infectious SLEATER KINNEY meets the VASELINES POP! over the pond.

EUX AUTRES originally consisted of brother and sister HEATHER and NICOLAS LARIMER. Heather played drums, Nicholas played guitar, and they both sang. Practices frequently disolved into shoving matches. In an effort to quell these outbursts (and expand their sound), Eux Autres added drummer YOSHI NAKAMOTO (The Aislers Set, Still Flyin’) in 2008.


wiacd020 - Play Some Pool, Skip Some School, Act Real Cool

a global pop tribute to BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN

The songs of Bruce Springsteen have been re-born in the able hands of 38 indie, folk and underground acts, including the Wave Pictures, Darren Hayman (ex-Hefner), Glam Chops (with Eddie Argos from Art Brut) and even a fiddle solo from the Velvet Undergrounds Doug Yule. The double album is named after a line from the classic "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)".

These acts have been inspired by Springsteens woodsman folk, tender ballads, fist-pumping anthems and emotional rock; their interpretations of Springsteens back catalogue from the classics to the rarely visited side roads reveal the breadth of The Boss influence and the inspiration his rich career gives to many bands from different strands of todays underground.

wiaiwya036 - Help Stamp Out Loneliness - Pacific Trash Vortex

wiacd016 - SHRAG - SHRAG

wiacd014 - DJ Downfall - Bon Viveur

wialp 015 - Rose Melberg - Cast Away The Clouds

wiaiwya032 - Shrag - Talk To The Left/ Hopelessly Wasted

wiaiwya031 - Shrag - Intelligent Theft/ Cupboard Love

wiaiwya030 - Shrag - Pregnancy Scene/ Mark E Smith

wiacd 013 - Jasmine Star - Jasmine Star

wiaiwya027 - Jasmine Star - For Tomorrow

wiacd 012 - Miss Mary - Ready 2 Pop!

wiacd 011 - Since I Was A Little Girl - Good Morning Sunshine... and Goodnight

wiaiwya025 - Psapp - Rear Moth ep

wiaiwya022 - Action Biker - Elephant and Castle ep

sold out, i am afraid!

wiaiwya021 - Swedish Chef - Back Burner

wiaiwya020 - b.e.a.r

wamcd 001 - Various Artists - Im With Cupid - A Transatlantic Pop Valentine

wiaiwya019 - Airport Girl - Salinger Wrote

wiaep003 - DJ Downfall - Sinking Into The Quagmire

wiacd 010 - Sportique - Communique #9

wiacd 008 - DJ Downfall - the Curse

wiacd 006 - Various Artists - 50,000,000 Elves Fans Can't be Wrong

wiaep002 - Free Loan Investments - Ever Been To Mexico?

wiaep001 - Doug Shepherd - Type Foundry Sessions

wiacd 007 - Sportique - Modern Museums

wiacd 005 - weevil - weevil

wialp 004 - Miss Mary - Hey Blue!

wiacd 003 - the Smith Garrett Band - Songs By...

104 - 104


wiacd 002 - Comet Gain - Tigertown Pictures

the CD is sold out, but i am sure there are still vinyl copies over at Fortuna POP!

wiacd 001 - Sportique - Black is a Very Popular Colour

wiaiwya003 - DJ Downfall - Song For Kelly Le Brock

123 - 123


Where it's at is where you are