News - the Songs of Jason Molina by the Wave Pictures

the Songs of Jason Molina by the Wave Pictures

you will have heard the sad news of the death of Jason Molina last week, but perhaps you didnt know that over the last year our good friends the Wave Pictures had been planning a tribute to help raise funds to cover his medical bills.

they have been asking all sorts of people to record cover versions (which we will hear more about in the coming weeks) and recorded a whole album of covers themselves, which is available for you to download now (all the money from this goes directly to Jasons family, so please give generously)

here is what Dave has to say about the tracks:

"I hope that they seem to you like a fitting tribute to one of my very favourite musicians. I hope that you enjoy them, briefly, before they send you back to those mighty originals.

Please donate whatever you can afford, his family still need the money."

Thank you,

David Tattersall, March 2013"


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